Products and Services


Linear Particle Accelerators (“Guides”)

ART provides a variety of RF products, where we custom-design and manufacture accelerating Guides, electron sources, RF windows and Targets for both Medical and Industrial applications. 

ART designs and manufacture a wide range of X-band to S-band Guides, in both traveling wave and standing wave RF structures with design approaches that are best suited to your needs. 

The RF (HFSS) field calculations along with the thermal and beam dynamic simulations are done in-house as well as the entire manufacturing process, enabled by our broad range of capabilities and vertical integration. 


RF Window

We design and produce high power RF windows, in both X-band & S-Band, that do not require water cooling for radiotherapy, NDT, cargo screening and most other industrial applications. 


Electron Gun / Electron Source

We design and produce custom, patent pending and production triode & diode electron guns for use in linear particle accelerators. 


Electron Window

Any one of our Guides can be fitted with an Electron Windows, for multi-radiation needs, we can supply a detachable, isolated Target Assembly, for measuring target current and producing photon radiation. 


Ion Chambers

Do you need a sealed ion chamber with a custom configuration? Ask our Sales Department to review your specifications and set-up a formal review with one of our engineers. 


Guide Rebuild Services

In addition to full turn-key new Guides, we have extensive experience rebuilding other medical and industrial OEM Guides.


Brazing & Bake-Out Services

We also offer very affordable hydrogen brazing and high-vacuum bake-out services. We can also help you with braze-design.


Engineering Services

We have a strong engineering team who can manage the design of your vacuum electron device, whether it be an Electron Gun or a complete X-ray Tube. We have experts in high-voltage, electron beam optics, mechanical & braze design as well as thermal modeling and design.